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Microsoft Introduces 3-Screen Phone, Sweaty Samsung Z Fold

Microsoft has already found that two screens are not enough and works on a smartphone with three fold-out screens.

If you think The Samsung Z Fold 3 or Z Flip The future of the phone, you are already late. Like the flip flops that captivated the entire generation in the early 2000s, tomorrow’s smartphones seem to be moving from one screen to a longer, second screen.

While Microsoft has already put forward a plan in the world of folding smartphones with two screens, the company is back with bigger ambitions and a phone at an unimaginable rate. In fact, Redmond’s brand wants to offer not just one or two, but a phone with three screens.

The idea that Patently invented in patent releases of brands is something to dream about. With such a triptych, Microsoft will take the foundation of its Dio and give it even more opportunity with a second hinge and a third screen. According to the first information known about it, the total size of this phone may be 10 inches, if not.

A concept that could still be improved

But this idea gives black marks from its concept. In fact, with three screens and two hinges, the product can weigh its weight, but is quite thick for most pants pockets. If the idea of ​​adding a third screen seems good, we need to look in more detail at how Microsoft wants to do it. Creators of Windows Today it seems already too late with their Duo having two separate screens, making a phone with three screens doesn’t seem to be on the agenda.

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If Microsoft’s plan is at least intriguing, it’s good to know that Redmond is not just looking at the triptych device. In fact, invented by LetsGoDigital last June, Samsung patented this way, securing its engineering and development work around the three-screen phone.

In the other tech world, TCL seems to be the most advanced in this type of product. As Media Kismodo reminds us, we were able to test this concept with three screens, the latter being incredibly heavy and bulky, but having a tablet on hand when the three screens are open is a real plus, recognizing the very important American media as “impressive enough”.