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Xbox games will also appear on the PS5 and Switch in the future

Xbox games will also appear on the PS5 and Switch in the future

Microsoft wants to offer xCloud, a streaming service on other platforms, including the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo’s Switch. Discussions on an advanced level are already underway with Nintendo.

Microsoft is sticking to plans for xCloud on other platforms

“At the highest level [Microsoft] We look forward to continuing these projects and expanding our console base further, “Bill Spencer of Microsoft wrote in an email to epic Tim Sweeney.” You can join if you are comfortable. But I want to improve your view of xCloud on other consoles (I did not give up), F2P out of gold (we will go there, I would love to work with you), and our store license ideas are the points I want to move forward with. “

Bill Spencer has been sticking to his plans to offer xCloud on other sites. It could theoretically stream Xbox games on the PS5 or Switch in the future. In this case, it’s not a matter of native releases – unless there is a deal and games appear to belong to other sites – but xCloud still offers the option of exclusive games for Xbox, for example Switch on PS5 or Nintendo.

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Only Sony and Nintendo have to agree and want to participate. Although it is said that we are in advanced negotiations with Nintendo, we still do not know what Sony thinks in this regard. This could be a bit of a tough business partner for Microsoft.

They are: IGN Via Game Pro

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