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Android users can finally do something else when listening to voicemails

Although iOS users can already allow their voices to play in the background, this feature is now coming in the latest WhatsApp beta on Android. When the note starts, a small player appears in the notification menu, leaving you with the opportunity to go about your business.

Credit: Pixabay

WhatsApp betas are frequent Nest of innovations That can be found an hour in advance. A few days ago, we were talking to you about the possibility of posting a vote on group conversation, which could happen in the coming months. Usually, iOS users, on the other hand, use these features first, At the expense of Android users Who have to wait for their turn.

This is precisely the case with the long-awaited feature: Background voice mail background. Currently, it is still necessary to keep the conversation open so that you can hear a full voice note, which can be very frustrating when pulled. However, earlier this year, WhatsApp added an external player, which allows you to go to other apps when asked.

Android users can leave WhatsApp listening to their voicemails

So far, only iPhone users can access this feature. It’s time for Android smartphones to take advantage of this. The latest WhatsApp beta really adds up The reader in the notifications menu, Which makes it possible to manage listening while browsing other applications. Thus it is possible Pause the note and start playback at a certain point.

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The final deployment date is not yet known. What’s more, only some internal users currently have access. If you want to check if you are one of them, download Beta From WhatsApp. So, when the developers release the standard version of the process, you will have to wait a while before you can test it yourself.

Source: WABetaInfo