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Android TV is improving with the arrival of the new beta of Android 12

Android TV is improving with the arrival of the new beta of Android 12

Native 4K interface and additional privacy settings. Beta 3 of Android 12 allows Google to use it on Android TV. This new beta is already available for a few days from developers.

A few days ago, with the advent of Android 12 in beta 3, Android TV was enriched with some interesting new features.

A few days ago, with the arrival of Android 12 in beta 3, Android TV was enriched with some interesting new features // Source: Google

Sorted by Google Last week, The Android 12 Beta3 Has also entered the Android TV. Without making any changes to the OS, it adds some interesting new features (some of which have been called for a long time), especially in terms of interface and confidentiality.

First, this new beta allows the Android TV to replace its own 1080p interface with the Ultra HD environment. This has been a strong demand of the community: until now, the full HD display upcalée Switched to 4K only when content was started, recalls Android Central. The thing can occasionally cause fluidity issues in the interface.

This move on the definition page is complemented by the advent of an upscale tool (for developers) ” The visual separation of different interface layers can be easily improved“, Note Google in its press release.

A little rich on the Android TV privacy page

In terms of privacy, Android TV is also slightly improved with the advent of dedicated options to enable or disable the microphone and camera (if you have them connected to your TV). These indicators are almost identical to those included in Android 12. At the same time, two new “global privacy systems” are now available on Android TV.

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They allow you to see which apps have recently accessed the camera or microphone. With one button, you can disconnect access to the camera or microphone for all the applications installed on your Android TV at the same time.

Source: Google

Some additional features finally call themselves Android TV using Android 12 Beta 3, such as a new display frequency parameter aimed at improving the fluid appearance of the interface. Apps are better with this new beta because they can now check background settings and change frequencies as they are viewed, note Android Central .

What is available?

The last innovation, this method is dedicated to developers: to allow “enrichment” of the tunnel modeTo further support stable and efficient playback across all devices by minimizing media processing overlays on Android cloth ”, Lit-on.

Beta 3 of Android 12 for Android TV is not accessible to the general public at the moment, which is reserved for Google’s development device ADT-3. APreviewOn the other hand, Google promises that the Android 12 emulator will be available in the coming weeks. For the general public, these new features will only be fully accessible when Android 12 comes to its big screens in its final version.