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XCloud on PC via Web Browser, Two Images Revealed Interface -

Games in xCloud in streaming that can be used during download? –

Xbox Series X | S. Probably allow you to use the Xbox One as well Games were streamed via xCloud When Download in the background According to a questionable description of a hermetic image leaked online at Microsoft, of the same game.

Microsoft has simply released the Twitter account “Lumia Updates” which has already provided some interesting previews of the past in the worldPicture Questionable, visible in the tweet below, which appears to be the official explanation for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but without any explanation.

The picture appears Description Not easy, but according to many users it may indicate the possibility of using the game in streaming via xCloud while waiting for the actual download of the same topic in the background. In this way, I Waiting time They are practically reset because you can start playing directly via cloud gaming and then go to the application of the downloaded game once the download is complete.

However, everything should be declared conditional because we are not sure about this description: it may still be a feature dedicated to users Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Considering the brand in the picture, but the description is still free.

The same Twitter account said he would be back “in a few more days” Posted by What the picture represents, so we only have to wait to understand more precisely what it is. Recently, we saw Microsoft upgrade Xbox Cloud Gaming servers with the Xbox Series X and expand the service.