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Android Games - live from Google Play 2022

Android Games – live from Google Play 2022

Google Should be allowed to be used directly Android games on windows Starting in 2022, with integration in one formApplication Google Play For Windows, which allows you to play mobile games for Android on the Microsoft operating system.

Next year, Google plans to release the Google Play app on Windows, allowing it to use Android apps and games directly on the PC operating system, without being replaced by third-party emulators, without a more precise release date. .

“From 2022, Gamers can play their favorite games from Google Play on multiple devices and switch directly from phones, tablets, Chromebooks and, more quickly, to Windows PCs, ”said Greg Hartrell, Google Product Director for Android and Google Play.

Android Games on Windows 11, Image

“This product, directly from Google, already brings the best Google Play games to laptops and desktops, and we & # 39; re excited to extend our site to other players so they can enjoy their favorite Android games in new ways.”

Google Play Apps for Windows appears to be an initiative of Google and not developed in collaboration with Microsoft or other third parties, and will allow cross-storage and cross-improvement between smartphones and Windows PCs. “It simply came to our notice thenWindows native application Distributed by Google, which supports Windows 10 and above, “Hartrell explained,” It is not associated with streaming.

On the other hand, integration between Android and Windows has been going on for some time already: beyond the widespread use of emulators such as Bluestock for games, Microsoft has begun to bring Android applications directly to Windows with the new operating system. It also has a chip system dedicated to Android.

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