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Android Auto removes the ban on driving-related applications

Android Auto removes the ban on driving-related applications

This is an area where CarPlay is more open than Google’s competing solution: access to specialized third-party applications for automobile use..

For example, while the Carplay screen can use Tom Tom Go, Coyote or Chiggy, Android auto drivers are prohibited from opting for Waze and Google Maps, and home applications. What annoys the authors of competing solutions.

This restriction is now removed. After beta testing Launched Last August, app developers from a few vehicle types Can Will be provided to users. Applications for navigation, but also for locating and using parking lots or even locating and using electric vehicle charging stations.

Google has partnered with some partners to test the integrated library (Android for Cars of Library 1.0) to make their applications easier to use while driving. It is also necessary to facilitate the lives of developers facing the screens of about 500 types of vehicles that integrate Android Auto.

According to an account established last year, Google Play had more than 3,000 applications related to road use. Banned from circulation on Android Auto.

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