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Views from here n ° 11 - April-May 2021 - PDF

Views from here n ° 11 – April-May 2021 – PDF

However, this is the 3rd number in the control period. Preparing each issue is an important vector of shared and contradictory discussion. We also believe in the benefits of sharing local information and opt-in to nearby projects.

During this time, we have focused on our joint ventures related to housing. The crisis in Paris, with high rents, is pushing some residents out, creating the logic of exclusion. How does this crisis apply to our surroundings? What efforts have been made to address these difficulties? How do other lifestyles develop?

With these few lines, we would like to thank all those who support us, as well as their membership in the Society, either through donations or words of encouragement. Like the pharmacist located at the Pyrenees crossroads, the person who realized this project has been making donations from the beginning. Without advertising compensation – advertising is limited to this business – but simply participate in the nearest link.

He recently left the pharmacy and was picked up by another group and we wanted to underline his gesture.

Editorial Board.

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In short:

News and efforts

Adlier 44.

The daily life of a newspaper man.

The hand of the other association


Living in our neighborhood: A mosaic for prediction

Statistics, Evidence, Initiatives. Living differently, p. 7-13


Philip Herald, street artist with a hundred looks, p. 14


We live in the Windmill Quarter, p. 14


In the footsteps of the Paris Commune, p. 15

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poem. Photo puzzles, p. 16

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