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Patch 3.34 is available for PC, PS5 / PS4 and Xbox - Nerd 4. Life

Patch 3.34 is available for PC, PS5 / PS4 and Xbox – Nerd 4. Life

There is no human sky Getting a new patch soon, the game is available on all platforms with a precision of 3.34. This update fixes various issues announced by players following the arrival of last week’s updates. Over there Appendix 3.34 Available at PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series XE Xbox Series S.

No man Sky Patch 3.34 fixes All versions of the game have two issues:

  • Fixed an issue resulting from a new download of Expedition expansion game data
  • Fixed an issue that could cause continuous network duplication of NPCs resulting in reduced framerate (especially on space stations) and occasional crashes

Also, this is a no mans sky update Brings previous changes to the console:

  • Fixed an issue where small refineries and other items placed in small network operating areas would disappear
  • Fixed an issue where some contacts might not respond in high network traffic situations
  • The audio effect is enhanced when a task is displayed on the screen
  • Fixed an issue with weapons tags unnecessarily scrolling in the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the mode selection text would appear with a blurred exterior when selecting
  • Fixed a number of icon issues affecting the tasks provided by NPCs found in planetary buildings
  • Fixed an issue where full cargo notice would appear on all caps on the ship side

If you’re a No Man’s Sky fan, you can’t miss the video of the Imperial City of Oblivion: it’s incredible.

No human sky: Appendix 3.34 is available