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Android Auto for smartphones is at an end (confirmed by Google)

Android Auto for smartphones is at an end (confirmed by Google)

This is nothing new Smartphone version of Android Auto Was close to exclusion. Google just announced it in October last year and let users know that they can use Google Assistant’s new help mode. We have been reporting on how this function has been going on for months Also introduced in many countries, With some scary looks in Italy.

Now the first reports of news on Android Auto for smartphones come from some parts of the world, inviting users to try out Google Assistant’s new wizard mode. These messages were found mainly on installed smartphones at this time Android 12 in beta, This version of Android Auto has a smartphone This no longer applies via the Play Store. In essence, these are the users who installed the apk, probably due to their affection for the software.

Basically we are at the end of the line, at least in some countries and with at least some smartphones. If it may take a little longer in Italy, it is good to get used to the idea that Android Auto for smartphones will soon be remote memory. Clearly, given the similar names, no changes are planned for use on the classic Android auto car display.

A few hours after this news was written by Google Officially confirmed In support of Google Assistant’s driving system, a spokesperson said that Android Auto will disappear for smartphones on Android 12.


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