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Cyberbunk 2077: Patch 1.3 brings the first DLC!

Cyberbunk 2077: Patch 1.3 brings the first DLC!

Cyberpunk 2077 is still the hub of CD Project Red improvements. But now the first DLC is finally coming!

The CD Project Red project is very straightforward, many after the release of Cyberbank 2077 அச dis கரியம் And the players asked for their money back. Instead of following the actual road map, you want to focus on the main game and improve performance and fix bugs.

Since then, the group has been new, to some extent Large reefs This goal was published with exactly that in mind. But now it seems that slowly the performance of the game has reached a level where it has reached a solid level.

With Patch 1.3, the first DLCs will find their way into the game. The developers initially added one to the game. But with more detailed information, one will have a lower profile. Instead, CD Project Red explains in patch notes how to trigger expansion in the game.

All you have to do is go to Settings and enable DLC under the “Additional Content” tab. Then it can start! In addition, new cosmetics like two jackets hidden in V’s apartment are waiting for you. They will appear there as soon as you receive a message from Victor after completing the task of “The Right”.

In addition, everyone on the “Archer Quartz Bandit” can expect a reward when Ghost Town is over. The reward will be executed by Dakota or Rogue, who will send a message. If this does not happen, you can go to the Badlands area and force the message. From there you have to move further and further from Dakota’s workshop. But Dakota also needed a few days before she could be contacted.

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However, if you are more interested in general links and improvements, you will find Here Full overview. Get ready for a comprehensive list!

Are you ready for the first DLC?