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Android 13: An overview of what "Tromis" has in store

Android 13: An overview of what “Tromis” has in store

Expected for 2022, Android 13 is still in development. However, the first screenshots of the Google-signed mobile operating system allow us to discover some possible features.

Android 12 is just a chance for many more smartphones, some manufacturers have started to use the latest version of the operating system. Some, like Samsung, are having roughly encountered difficulties when upgrading their smartphones to Android 12. Meanwhile, Google is already working on a replacement version for it in the fall of 2022. The OS will take the name of Android 13 and, if we believe the information XDA-Developers, Responds to the code name Tromis in Mountain View.

Our colleagues were able to get screen shots from the earlier version of Android 13. A semester before Google I / O in May 2022 – during the conference where Americans describe new versions of Android – features should watch out for these seizures being revealed.

Customization of languages ​​in applications

However, we can count on the integration of many features. Starting with the possibilities of managing the languages ​​used in smartphones neatly under Android 13. The OS simplifies its use for multilingual users, making it possible to define the preferred language application by application.

Simplified notification management

Another notable innovation is the ability to easily customize the sending of authorized notifications. To prevent each app from spamming the user again and again, Android 13 developers need to ask permission to send notifications to access their microphone or camera.

Priority to autonomy

To the Android resource economy, better management of the autonomy of the mobiles is added, by imposing the function assigned by the abbreviation TARE. When the smartphone does not have much tolerance, it will be based on autonomous credits allocated by the computer for various applications, depending on the remaining battery, to prevent multiple devices from coming to its sources. Finally, a new presentation dedicated to the clock is expected on the screen saver of smartphones.

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