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Amazon opens pre-orders for its Echo Dot (4th generation) "Baby Yoda"

Amazon opens pre-orders for its Echo Dot (4th generation) “Baby Yoda”


After Echo Dot (3rd generation) was breastfed in midi-chlorians with Yoda in 2020, Amazon released a version suitable for the 4th generation voice assistant, now available for pre-order.

On the eve of Star Wars Day, which was celebrated on May 4, Amazon released a little surprise for LightSafeers and Fluffy Wookiee fans: Voice assistant Echo Dot (4th generation) will soon be backed up with a portrait of Baby Yoda. Icon of the TV series Mandalorian, Its Season 2 aired on Disney + last winter.

In 2020, the Echo Dot (3rd generation) Grogo (Baby Yoda’s real name in the series) was provided with a support, but Otterbox, which was responsible for its design, had to adapt the new curves to the 4th generation of the Echo Point.

As a reminder, the Echo Dot 4 that went through our labs received a 3 star rating at the end of its test. If this helper is even lower in terms of sound power, it has proven its worth and is a recommended choice for Alexa users who need space!

According to Amazon groups, support installs effortlessly and is designed to communicate with its Amazon Echo Dot without compromising transactions with Alexa. The non-slip, special platform keeps the device as stable at superluminal speeds as Millennium Falcon!

Pre-orders for this support are now in France. Open at 24.95, first deliveries from June 10, 2021.

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