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Battlefield 6, Was the trailer postponed?  A leak explains why it happened -

Battlefield 6, Was the trailer postponed? A leak explains why it happened –

The Trailer Presentation Battlefield 6 Is Postponed? Everything points to this possibility, and the famous leak Tom Henderson tried to explain Why Electronic Arts may have made this decision.

You know, the Battlefield 6 trailer ended up online, even though the audio was only in version, that is Video It is ready and the marketing machine starts having problems preventing the products from circulating.

Here, according to Henderson’s explanation, The The reason So the official release of Battlefield 6 has been postponed, probably at the end of the month, which is linked to a message that seems to have been resolved without issues only in the last hours.

We refer to the story of Chinese rocket Its debris, having re-entered the atmosphere, may have crashed in some parts of southern Italy, instead it seems to have ended up in the Indian Ocean, so without causing damage to things or people.

The potential spoiler in the Battlefield 6 trailer follows

Battlefield, the historical artwork of the series.

“The missile found in the game trailer exploded at one point and killed the soldiers,” Henderson explained. “If there really was a Chinese rocket crash, posting the video might be wrong.”

“I do not know if the trailer has actually been postponed, but releasing it before and after such a possible event would be my worst move that could have killed people. A company. Postpone an revelation or exit due to the facts of the actual events.”