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[Vidéos et photos] Franco-German union pays tribute to Marcel Stossel at Tornach Cemetery, May 8 at Mulhouse

[Vidéos et photos] Franco-German union pays tribute to Marcel Stossel at Tornach Cemetery, May 8 at Mulhouse

During the May 8 celebration, the “1945 Victory” banquet was hosted by the CGD Grand SD Regional Committee, the CGD Sector Union of Hot-Rin and the CGD Social History Institute in Alsace, on the same day, at the Mulhouse.

Union from across the Rhine DGP Was part of a demonstration from southern Hess.

The festival, which was scheduled for 2020, had to be postponed due to health conditions prevailing last year. It took the form of a tribute to Marcel Stossel at the site of his burial in the Malhouse-Tornach Cemetery.

Marcel Stossel, born 1904, is a worker S.A.C.M., And the leader of the Secadist. He was also a member of the opposition on the WODLI network. He was beheaded in Stuttgart in 1943.

The tribute was paid in the presence of his son Roger and his family. The Memorial Day was extended by a video conference exchange with representatives of the German union, preventing him from coming back physically.

After two similar editions in 2018 in Germany’s Shildigame and Hச்schstein, respectively, this Memorial Day is part of the joint will of the CGD Grand SD and DGP Chad-Hesson to celebrate the date, not the end of the military conflict between the two countries, but the two peoples on both sides of the Rhine. As a general liberation from the oppression perpetrated by Hitler fascism.

This cross-border phenomenon is significant at a time when far-right organizations are re-emerging in both countries. It is a question of not only keeping alive the memory of the commitment against Nazi barbarism, but also demanding that May 8 become a public holiday in Germany (a request accepted by the DGP Congress) and that it be turned into a platform. Creating another Europe is generally a social Europe.

Memorial Day ended with a harmonious moment.

See videos and photos of the event below:

Intervention by Daniel Muringer
Speech by the son of Marcel Stossel
Speech by Raymond Ruck from the CGT Institute of Social History in Alsace
News from the DGP Union read by Raymond Ruck

Photo credit: Martin Wilhelm, Michael Mல்லller and Daniel Muringer