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Amazon Music Unlimited 6 Month Subscription and Echo Dot 4 € 29.99 Only!

Amazon Music Unlimited 6 Month Subscription and Echo Dot 4 € 29.99 Only!

Amazon is offering a special offer on Amazon Music Unlimited for 6 months free of charge, for only. 29.99 to purchase the Echo Dot (4th generation)!

Buy the new Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) Priced at 29.99 euros (Instead of 59.99 euros) and get a 6 month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited (instead of 59.94 euros)! After 6 months, your subscription will be automatically renewed at € 9.99 per month. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

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What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited has over 75 million songs. You can listen to music, but also listen to many podcasts on different topics. In terms of functionality, the music streaming service has all the basic (and premium) options we can appreciate.

In offline mode, Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to download songs, so you can listen to them even if you do not have a network. So your playlists can follow you on the subway, train and even abroad. Obviously, this is a non-advertising site and you will not be bothered by intermittent interruptions while listening.

Accessible on Amazon Music Unlimited PC, tablet or smartphone, you can download the mobile app on iOS or Android. The service is easy to use and you can place voice commands using the Amazon Alexa Smart Assistant if you wish, which is of interest to the ecosystem created by the team.

With Alexa, Amazon Music Unlimited customers can control their music directly by voice. Ask Alexa to play any artist or song. If you do not know what to listen to or have run out of ideas, ask Alexa to help you and play the best playlist or specific music genre to suit your mood!

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Amazon Echo Dot 4 in detail

The previous generation of Echo Dot came in a circular shape. The Echo Dot 4 is a speaker connected to a spherical shape that blends very easily with the environment. At the same time, it improves the sound quality, which is the main entertainment of this attached object. The 1.6-inch front speaker produces crisp sounds and excellent bass.

As with previous generations, this speaker allows you to control connected objects. Everything works through Amazon’s artificial intelligence Alexa. The latter allows you to start your music from Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer, control your connected lights or set alarm clocks or reminders.

Need a smart speaker, this product in the Echo range will automatically detect the acoustics of your space and adapt it to your room. The Amazon Echo Dot 4 works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is plugged into the mains.

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