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myCanal announces upcoming changes to its millions of users

myCanal announces upcoming changes to its millions of users

myCanal announces upcoming changes to its millions of users

With better customization, reduced search time and improved visibility, myCanal plans many new features in 2022.

With two-thirds of Canal’s 9 million subscribers using myCanal, the operating system plans to make changes in the coming months to continue its growth and further enhance the user experience. One of the next new features is to set up automatic release of program thumbnails on different media (already available on Apple TV), but trigger trailers when clicking on a headline like Netflix. Parisian, Emmanuel Ferrand, Digital Director of the Group.

The site also offers excellent customization, with the aim of minimizing the search time estimated at an average of three minutes today. Provides approximately 120,000 content per day, including 1,100 new content, “Three or four layers, editorial to suit personal taste” The program will be added in addition to existing ones such as playback, referral and playlist. In the “MyCanal of…” section, personalized sharing of selected shows to watch will continue to develop in the coming weeks.

Further, “To improve fluidity you can skip a series of credits or auto-chain episodes”, Mentions Emmanuel Ferrand. MyCanal also wants to improve the fluidity of home page customization and navigation in the future, in order to build its speed.

In terms of content, the site will allow early morning access to French televisions and Arte evening shows in the first quarter of 2022, and will provide two previews per week. The shows will also air before the show airs. Today 95% of the time is devoted to viewing on myCanal.

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As a reminder, new features etc have appeared recently SharePlay on iOS and Apple TV This technology allows you to connect a video call via FaceTime and view your content directly and remotely. Another option appeared on the iPhone as well. Baptized “Low Delay Streaming”, This, once implemented in the application settings, greatly reduces the delay between capturing the TV and displaying it live on your devices, and is much closer to the current delay seen on the TV compared to TNT and satellite. Ideal for watching football, rugby and Formula 1 in real time.