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All news of this reprint is here -

All news of this reprint is here –

Sumo Digital Academy has announced what Announcements Introduced on Joule was rescuedWill be released these days Steam, Obviously for PC. For those unfamiliar with it we are talking about re-releasing the much-loved Kremlin graphics site on Amiga computers, which at the time was a good success.

Among the innovations, in addition to the expansion of the frame, helps to compensate for one of the main shortcomings of the original title, the addition of the double jump, which gives more access to the platforms and fights for all players; Ability to complete levels without collecting all the necessary items; Specific rewards for those who collect more items; Completely modifying the levels to make them soft and fun to explore for secrets to hunt; Graphics editing to make the scene more readable; The upper level of the game returns to the beginning and not to the beginning of the game; Added three special collections at each level for completers; Added optional assist mode for jumping and shooting, however it disables intentions; The controls are fully configured; Added a level selection screen; The physics engine has been completely modified to manage Julin’s jumps and landings better than the original; Revised Julin’s Spiral Attack, now turning him into a kind of drill; Modified battles and victories of all enemies; Enemies and bosses upgrade to 60fps versus the original 30fps.

All that remains at this point is to get our hands on the final version, and hope it will keep the promise of restoring brilliance. Forgottenness.

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