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Additional Free Game on PlayStation Plus, February 2022: Announcement

The PlayStation Plus will surprise all subscribers with another game in February 2022, here is what the title and what kind of Sony has chosen.

This is the PlayStation Plus This is undoubtedly one of the most paid subscriptions for players around the world. In fact it is the basic type of service for everyone on PS4 or PS5, only by subscribing to this type of offer can the console be fully unlocked and enjoy long lasting benefits. You can not. Some of them are completely basic.

Additional Free Game on PlayStation Plus, February 2022: Announcement

Only active account holders can Play video online With friends and other players. So, you can make the most of your games that can be played a lot during this period, especially the ones that can be played for free. With the PlayStation Plus you can get some storage space Cloud For your own storage, it can be stored securely and does not load the console’s internal memory. Then there is the possibility of getting special discounts in the store, Special packages e Awards There can be no other players. In addition to the well-known, coveted and much talked about Monthly Games.

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Additional game for PlayStation Plus, February 2022

PlayStation Store
PlayStation Store

Games for February 2022 have already been announced And, to be honest, not all of the titles selected by PlayStation for this month appealed. Most users, as seen on social media, find this month very unhappy. That’s when PlayStation decided to add another free video game to its February 2022 PlayStation Plus games.

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Similar to The Lost of Us Open World Game video, Is a but. Unfortunately for all of our readers, the extra game is intended For subscribers living in Asia only. Questionable topic Dragon’s Crown Pro, A re-release of the very popular RPG released on the PS4. The title is set to be offered in February 2022 to PlayStation Plus subscribers and anyone living in a country in Asia.