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Geo Parents unloads 439 illegal immigrants, and 176 on the way. The government is a ghost

Augusta, January 29 – There too Geo Parents A few hours ago it landed on the Sicilian coast with maximum load Illegal immigrants, 439 to be exact, Continued to fatten the infamous European hospitality business but with a landing point to spend: Italy. Large numbers of people entered the organization to succeed this time Port of Augusta After an intense wander in front of the southern coast of Sicily, they pointed their bow northwards, avoiding the most extreme point of the island, which should have been known to diligent boatmen by Thursday.

Not only Geo Parents, but 176 more illegal immigrants are coming

For a ship that has now arrived, another ship was allowed to anchor off the coast of Lampedusa last night, so soon it must reach the largest port of Belagias, which is the Spanish one. Aita Mari With others 176 migrants on board. The first month of the year in Sicily and Italy, which saw the tightening of barriers and restrictions on citizens due to the epidemic, is again characterized by this atrocity, in addition, the number of ruthless is increasing every year.

Ended with January 2021 1,039 visits, Today we are already 2.786 (Counting the 439 arrivals to Augusta have not yet entered the Interior Ministry’s daily figures) and we will arrive with the Spanish boat. Nearly 3,000 units. If the servant is taken into account, by 2022 there will be a record 70,000 illegal immigrants by 2021. And all rub their hands and students replace the small euro painting. A fleet of NGOs ready to bring in new slaves and labor force for domestic and foreign crimes that heat up engines in various ports.

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Where NGO ships

As is known The ResQ people Syracuse is close to taking up “residence” where it has been staying for almost two months. Ocean Viking Instead he is in Trapani, two days before those in charge rushed to “promise” that they would leave for the Libyan coast after routine checks. In Spain, there are, precisely in the port of Buriana Louis Michael, The Marine Surveillance 3E4, And this Sea Eye4. The Open arms Is in Barcelona. When I was always in Sicily Ionian sea, Marsala and apparently The Geo Parents, In Augusta, heroes of recent landings. With Aita Mari Anchored, as mentioned, in front of the Lampedusa waiting for the green light.

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