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According to Thomas Baskett, "Everyone's dream is to set foot on the moon."

According to Thomas Baskett, “Everyone’s dream is to set foot on the moon.”

Three days after returning to Earth, astronaut Thomas Baskett held his first press conference on Friday from Cologne, Germany. The Frenchman, who had just completed his second voyage on the ISS, raised the question of whether the next voyage to the moon was possible.

New mission for the moon? “It will be a thrilling experience for years to come,” Thomas Baskett responds. Three days after returning to Earth, the French astronaut held his first press conference from Cologne, Germany. Opportunity for him to solve the problem of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) next mission to the moon.

“Today, all agencies agree that it does not happen often, and we have more or less the same plan everywhere in the world. , Let’s go to Mars and do the same, “the astronaut explained.

“Still excited to set foot on the moon”

This is because ESA has contracted with NASA to build three European aircraft to the moon’s new space station, Gateway. If nothing is decided yet, Thomas Baskett may be on one of his trips.

“As European astronauts, we too have the desire to play our part in this study, even if it means stepping on the moon that is everyone’s dream. We will play even if we do not go face to face. A role in this study, ”he explained.

Asked what he would choose to be the first European at the gateway or the first person to land on the moon, Thomas Basket assures us that this is not his responsibility.

“Everything we’re going to do will be part of a plan. At the agency, we’re trying to be permanent, something for a long time. If we ask everyone for advice. The world is going to set foot. The moon is still excited, people have already done it, but not yet Europeans, very There will be a different approach, so it will be a big adventure, ”he explained.

To conclude further: “If I was given the choice, it would not be so, I would choose to set foot on the lunar surface”.

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