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There is no need to guarantee 6 months to benefit from this

There is no need to guarantee 6 months to benefit from this

No need to subscribe for 6 months to try out the RTX 3080 package from GeForce Now, now it is available monthly.

Offer with GeForce Now RTX 3080 cards

Offer with GeForce Now RTX 3080 Cards // Source: Nvidia

Currently, GeForce Now Technically the most interesting cloud gaming solution. Its RTX 3080 offer Especially interesting is that sometimes we recommend playing locally, and not having to buy back to enjoy your games. But for 6 months its subscription of 100 euros can be postponed for some and start experience for others. Cloud gaming In the best situation.

But this is now ancient history! Nvidia has now announced that it will be getting a monthly subscription in addition to its mid-year plan. Surprisingly, it’s a little more expensive because it costs 19.99 euros a month or 120 euros for the entire semester. If you are not sure if you will enjoy cloud gaming, this formula is interesting, but engaging for a long time will soon be more profitable.

Note that this package allows you to play on a remote machine Graphic card is equal to a GeForce RTX3080 At 1440p at 120 fps. But what really makes a difference is the adaptive synchronization, which greatly reduces the latency of the game.

Servers in place

Initially, Nvidia implemented this restriction to prevent its servers from compromising the player experience. No longer, the Santa Clara brand must consider enough infrastructure to support the arrival of new players. In Europe, three RTX 3080 “PODs” are available: Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London. While the delay on remote servers is already quite convenient, a fourth server is expected in Paris by March.

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