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Absolute traction - change - ntower

Absolute traction – change – ntower

Games of the racing genre usually have something brutal about them. Deafness, tired music, brutal speed and constant search for the next adrenaline rush. In recent times, racing game simulations in particular have made the claim to provide a system that is as realistic as possible in addition to a realistic driving experience. Forza titles for Microsoft’s Xbox or Gran Turismo games are their rivals on Sony’s PlayStation, so they are now popularly used as headlines when depicting a console’s capabilities due to its speed and impressive graphics. Then there is the complete slip on the other side. Developer FunSelector’s title is not a real thrill of a visual padding or delivery speed. A complete failure as a representative of the racing genre? Well, it’s not that easy.

Small challenges await you in the “upper world” that invites you to learn and try.

© Funselector

Complete Glide was first released a few years ago for older generation consoles with PC and PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to being implemented for the PS5, the title is now also known as its Zen version on the Nintendo Switch. However, you can’t tell the age of the game. After all, it is caused by a minimalist style that runs on all aspects of the topic. On the one hand, there is the touch of action: once you start the game, you will be in a vehicle. Your goal: drift. That’s it. In the beginning, it is good to explore the terrain where you can swim freely before embarking on various challenges. You can steam the contents of your heart here to learn about the characteristics of your vehicle. Because in complete sliding everything revolves around proper control of your vehicle.

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While other representatives of the racing genre often act on the goal of “if you brake, you lose”, if the gas pedal is pushed to the ground, this topic will deliberately take a different path. It’s primarily about accuracy, perseverance and patience – through which you can expect the virtues that are rarely found in racing games. As a result, you will not be able to efficiently take the curves in front of you for the first or second time, perhaps without even a third attempt. But the more you understand the demands the vehicle makes on you, the sooner the first complete slip will be possible. Until then – and beyond – you have to adjust to this kind of learning.

Incidentally, the freely dry area is designed so that you always have a defined area. If you want to progress, you must first master the challenges you face. The terrain not only acts as a connecting point between individual positions, but also prepares for small tasks at one point or another, which usually involves successful sliding between two points or jumping over a given object. At the specified levels you will be back in the mini-race, where your goal is not, as usual, to cross the finish line first in front of other competitors. Because on the one hand you will always be alone on the tracks, and beyond that it is not about the best times, but about the high number of points. It is driven by surprising fast, long and steep slides combined with increasing proliferation in the short term by many successful maneuvers. Especially with these challenges, I was reminded of previous video game sessions on the topics of the Need for Speed ​​series – except for a very different look.

In the case of absolute slip, it really does do justice to the well-crafted “Zen version” subtitle. You look in vain for bright colors and fireworks effects. Instead, everything is mostly creamy white, filled with very scattered shades and black, red and background color turquoise. Appropriately, you can expect a sober and driving soundtrack that seems to have been created for this type of game – friends of electronic music will be in good hands here. However, the size of the title can also be classified as “minimal”. This is because in addition to the world already described, there is only one other mode in the menu, which only lists the challenges you have already completed for the live game.

It is also unusual that you can only play racing on a single player. So you have no local mode or online racing available. However, your higher scores will be recorded in the global rankings. However, this only works more or less because even though the higher positions are shown correctly, my higher scores in the test phase are not given the correct ranking. In addition, you have the option to take a challenge with the mindset of the respective world record holder.