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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser

Poll of the Week: Will Super Mario 3D World + be your first connection with Bowser’s Angry Adventure? – ntower

This Sunday, we will revisit the survey of the week, which is a weekly design in which we ask you about current events in the video game world. As always, we will present you the results of the previous survey.

Last week’s poll

The last survey was dedicated to the main characters, and whether they should be large in Nintendo games. Nearly half of the participants answered the question and would be happy to watch games like Wee Sports or Tomatochi Life. Everyone else was divided just like you Results of a previous survey Can be identified.

Poll of the week

Anticipation Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Anger For most of you it has certainly risen sharply since Bowser’s Fury was announced. In a trailer, Nintendo shows that the new adventure will be added to the Nintendo Switch (U Classic) (We reported). Many of you are considering buying a title for a new adventure, so we’d like to know from you in our survey whether you’re hitting the game for the first time or you already have the title on the Wii U. Explain your decision in the comments.

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