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A YouTuber runs it on the Nintendo Switch!

A YouTuber runs it on the Nintendo Switch!

His name Nintendo And a YouTube user. This little genius has shown the world on his channel how this is possibleAnd run Cyberbunk 2077 on the Nintendo Switch. Developed roll-flaming game CD program RED The best bugs (The Appendix 1.05 There are many more ways) and the devastating performance on older generation consoles, that’s all Sony has decided to remove the game from the PlayStation Store Further Microsoft Enabled to withdraw money.

Still, there is an alternative way to see things when things go wrong. Nintendo followed this philosophy and showed the Cyberbank 2077 running in real time on the Nintendo Switch because you can see by watching the video on the cover. CD Project Red is waiting for the decision to start the game on the Nintendo Switch as well, So the boy has decided to take care of himself, and now he can run on the streets Night City Even when lying comfortably in bed. YouTube says the game is good Compatible with Joy-Khan And capable Run in 1080p resolution in dock mode (Thus connecting the switch to the TV). Not a bad decision, consider the amateurish nature of this thing.

Nintendo says that’s his time Project He had in mind the decision to achieve: to run the game Better than seen (Until now) In the basic versions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Is compatible with its control. The boy repeatedly insists that it is necessary to run Cyberbunk 2077 on the Nintendo Switch. Some changes to the Nintendo console no warranty from that time on The system is still active. Nintendo said it could finally run the game from a computer in streaming, but this would require a very high-end computer and would not be available to most players.

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We advise against you Make the changes indicated in the video on your Nintendo Switch. Watch the video with pure interest, and if you decide to do so, proceed at your own risk.