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Nintendo Player |  Monster Hunter Rise: New information shared and demo available tomorrow on Nintendo ESHAP

Nintendo Player | Monster Hunter Rise, little information about performance for the game demo

Demo Monster Hunter Rice, Waiting action Franchise Capcom, Gave us some small but interesting insights into the performance of the topic.

Channel Web light VG Tech Read the game demo thoroughly to understand its actual performance. Let’s get started Frames per second, Monster Hunter Rice Return 30 F.P.S. Solid rock in switch game modes available.

Powerful RE engine, Graphics engine Capcom, Which is very applicable Nintendo Switch Almost to ensure maximum gaming performance in all its modes.

In particular:

  • TV mode – Resolution and Rendering Games with 1920 × 1080 UI are approximately 1344 × 756
  • Small mode – Resolution and Rendering Games are approximately 960×540 with a 1280×720 user interface
  • Both methods – Monster Hunter Rice Return 30fps

Finally, it should be noted that the demo does not reflect the final version of the game, which may be further improved between now and March 26 (we do not think it’s worse).

Get the game demo Nintendo Switch EShop Until February 1, 2021. Large-scale requests for game downloads caused the store to close on the day of launch Nintendo Resolved with timely emergency server maintenance.

Monster Hunter Rice Available from March 26, 2021, The campus is really very favorable.

Have you tried the demo yet?

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