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A video compares the GBA and Switch ~ Pokemon Millennium versions

A video compares the GBA and Switch ~ Pokemon Millennium versions

Nintendo LiveE3 2021 Marked the return of the switch Advance Wars. Except Metroid fearIn fact, the historical Game Boy Advance series was presented during the remake event.

This tactical RPG seemed to have no future after 13 years. Team Intelligence game There is already a series that covers this gaming style, namely the Fire Emblem. For this reason, many fans thought Advance Wars had fallen by the wayside. Nintendo has announced that both titles of the series will receive a remake on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Life has decided to compare the two versions based on the available information. A video on their YouTube channel then shows the game in scenes that transition between the older and newer generations. The display style has changed considerably, but the developers seem to be paying a genuine tribute to this beloved classic. Zion Crossle is the narrator of this chapter and an avid editor of Nintendo Life magazine.

Advance Wars 1 + 2: Reboot Camp Starting with the Nintendo Switch December 3, 2021 And available for digital purchase Nintendo iShop.

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