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Une nouvelle Nintendo Switch (Pro/Super) avec un écran OLED de 7 pouces et sortie vidéo 4K sortirait avant Noel 2021 selon Bloomberg

New Nintendo Switch (Pro / Super) with 7-inch OLED screen and 4K video output will be released before Christmas 2021, according to Bloomberg.

In early February, Nintendo was rumored to have a new version of its console called the Super Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Pro. According to the Japanese manufacturer, there will be no immediate announcement. But according to a recent Bloomberg report, Japanese company Nintendo plans a new version of the Switch by the end of 2021.

Already last year, in August, Bloomberg announced that Nintendo planned to launch a new model of the Nintendo Switch in 2021. A few weeks ago, Shundaro Furukawa said Nintendo will not announce this for a while, This does not mean that there are no boxes.

So, it’s not surprising that Bloomberg is coming back with new reports, saying that Nintendo still plans to release this new version of Nintendo Switch by the end of 2021, just in time for the holiday season. This Super Switch or Nintendo Switch Pro, as we like to call it on the internet, will initially produce a new 7-inch OLED screen with 720p resolution.

According to the Finance Committee, Samsung’s involvement is a testament to Nintendo’s serious plans to upgrade its Nintendo Switch. Thus the OLED screen should provide better power and improved response rate while consuming less power. So at the same time expect increased performance in terms of autonomy.

Finally, it looks like 4K video output will be a part of the game., In the currently chopped version (1080p) to satisfy players frustrated by the console’s resolution. What to do against PS5 and Xbox Series X? Not immediately, but it will be an opportunity to enjoy Nintendo Switch games at their best. It remains to be seen whether this Nintendo Switch upgrade will also provide better performance.

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If Nintendo plans to release this new Nintendo Switch before Christmas 2021, we should know more in the coming months because it should go into production in the summer.