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A prototype rocket crashes while landing

A prototype rocket crashes while landing

The prototype of SpaceX’s future starship rocket landed on February 2, 2021 (video capture). – SPACEX

The pictures are very interesting. A role model Rocket American Space Agency
SpaceX The images released by the company show that he crashed Tuesday while landing during a test flight in Texas.

Another prototype of the future starship rocket met a similar fate in December.

The maneuver to rotate the prototype from horizontal to vertical position (“belly flop”) went well, but when the main engine was re-ignited, the rocket kept spinning and crashed. In a fireball.

“We need to do a little work on landing”

“We still had a great plane,” a SpaceX expert broadcast live about the test flight. We have to work a little bit on landing, ”he said.

Strange millionaire Elon MuskThe founder of SpaceX, for his part, did not comment on the event on social media. He had announced earlier in the morning
His decision to stay away from Twitter sometime. His account has nearly 45 million subscribers.

Starship to go to Mars

The Starship SN9 prototype was allowed to fly on Tuesday after a collision with the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The engine took off at 3.30pm local time and reached an altitude of 10km. He then turned off his machines and performed a series of horizontal maneuvers. It crashed just as the rocket was trying to regain an upright position.

These tests take place on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, in the far south of Texas, on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, in a deserted area leased by SpaceX in Boca Chicago, Cameroon County – where there is not enough space for an accident or an explosion to cause damage or cause any casualties.

SpaceX wants to one day turn Starship into its favorite rocket to go to Mars.

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