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A protective shield found in the magnetic field

A protective shield found in the magnetic field

NASA scientists have discovered the existence of a mysterious protective barrier located in the terrestrial magnetic field, and are capable of protecting us from solar eclipses. Even more surprisingly, this ban seems to have been amplified by human activity over the years.

Credits: PIRO4D / pixabay.

Human activity is often blamed for the appearance of the Earth’s degradation, especially the hole in the ozone layer. At this point, however, it seems that our existence will be beneficial. This finding, published in the journal Science, at least refers to it. Scientific Space Reviews, And broadcast by our colleagues from Neoson. In 2012, NASA suspended two space probes with the aim of unraveling the mystery of the Van Allen belts. Located in the magnetic field, they are able to protect the Earth by blocking highly charged particles from space. In 2017, a similar study showed that these belts tend Stay away from their original position – So our planet, thanks to a mysterious low frequency shield, has multiplied over decades.

Human activity in the origin of this distance?

According to scientists NASA, Will be this unexpected departure from the Van Allen belts Due to human activity, And more precisely for very low frequency radio transmissions (VLF). At the end of the study, Bill Eriksson of the MIT Hastock Laboratory in Massachusetts explains: “Our observations show that VLF-type radioactive signals affect the properties of the high-energy radiation environment around the Earth.”. It is used more today than it was in the 1960s, so these radio transmitters can move particles trapped in the von Allen belts into a more magnetic field. At 3 to 30 kHz, they are commonly used in the scientific and military fields, especially for long-distance and underwater transmission of encoded messages.

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