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"The pill that breaks the camel's back": Pse al Centro unleashes Commissioner Ferracci: "He no longer represents us" |  Chronicles Berman

“The pill that breaks the camel’s back”: Pse al Centro unleashes Commissioner Ferracutti: “He no longer represents us” | Chronicles

Porto Chandelpideo – Livia Bacabelo Vitrolic Center List: “For some time he no longer represents us. Released in Act 194, the mayor takes note of the situation of the majority”

The controversy over the abortion pill in the region and the use of Act 194 on termination of pregnancy is causal. But relations have already been strained for some time, and today the internal crisis opens up to the majority of Nazareno Mayor Francellosi. The Porto Sand Elpedio list at the center drops its councilor Emanuela Ferracci in no uncertain terms, asking the mayor to appoint a new representative on the board.

He does it through the mouth of list coordinator Livia Bacabello, who talks about the “camel back-breaking pill”. To say this, is coming Reports by Councilor Emanuela Ferracci In the local press, it was the fruit of his personal thinking, but not the civic strength that he had to represent. ” This is a reference to Ferracuti’s publication yesterday criticizing the position taken by a majority in the Regional Council on the use of the 194 Act. “Our UTC political power was opened to the civilian world in the municipality in the last election with the list of Porto Sant Elpedio Al Centro, but strongly rooted in the Elpidians territory and does not want the post of councilor. Re-emphasizes that it is difficult to work to strengthen them and support women in the best possible way. “

However, the issue of ethical issues opens up a latent crisis for some time. “We have repeatedly asked the councilor for more involvement in his list – Livia Pacabelo continues – but we have not heard of it since we met in the election campaign for regional teams last September. We have been addressing the mayor for more than a year, asking him to replace Ferracotti with a new councilor who can call on our political and cultural expression, but we have never had a clear answer. “

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The moderator of the list of moderates also said, “In recent months he has held some meetings between the civic lists, highlighting a number of issues in the majority, including our question with the councilor. Many agree with the words, but there is no confirmation of the facts. “However, now is the time for the civic coordinator to break the delay. The Pse at the Center is asking a new councilor. “I urge the mayor and the majority to have our new expression. The mayor of Ferracci may decide what he wants, who may be in charge of the Democrats, or who may be elevated from office.

Ferragutti: “The abortion pill is a tool to guarantee a constitutional right: to perform an abortion”