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Quelle est cette mystérieuse source radio brillante et compacte qui nous arrive depuis la galaxie NGC 2082 et dont l'origine demeure inconnue ? © SA/Hubble, Nasa

A mysterious radio signal arrives from the Galaxy NGC 2082

During observations of a spiral galaxy called NGC 2082, astronomers discovered a mysterious, bright, and small radio source. Its origin is unknown to this day.

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Researchers at Cornell University (USA) have recorded a radio signal coming from an asteroid about 50 light-years from our Earth, Tau Bootis Ab. Signature, signature of its magnetic field. It is now guaranteed to have a new tool for exploring planets located outside our solar system. Ryan McDonald, Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University

From the center of the galaxy NGC 2082, one Spiral galaxy About 60 million are locatedLight years In Constellation Sea steam, comes to us Strong radio signal Unknown origin. Revealed by Astronomers During surveillance campaigns carried out by different individuals in 2019 and 2021 TelescopesHe responds to the sweet name J054149.24-641813.7.

In a study published on arXivIts inventors have developed many hypotheses about its origin, especially by comparing it to other signals. Radio Was identified. It is particularly reminiscent of its spectral index and thereby Brightness High, The Faster radio explosionsOften abbreviated as FRB “Fast radio blast”. These are Glowing Mysterious ones emit a few thousandths of a second of energy The sun In a day, but their origin has not been identified to this day.

A quasar or a radio galaxy

Unexpectedly, J054149.24-641813.7 did not reach a sufficient luminosity level to integrate into a Rapid eruption, According to researchers. Some candidates are in the race: some of them are Quasars, Pulsar And some Nebulae Or radio galaxies. But almost all hypotheses have so far been rejected. Bright enough to match Reversible Of Supernova But ” Not bright enough to be a source – standard radio with a built – in FRB progenitor. “This Mysterious evidence Has a flat spectral index, i.e. a source with a thermal origin.

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This spectral code eliminates another possibility: The Pulsara periodic signal from a Neutron star Will change itself very quickly. There are only two more possibilities: Quasar And radio galaxy. Quasars are similar to the active nuclei of very bright galaxies in that they have a center The largest black holeAs well Milky Way Houses in its center Sagittarius A *.

As Radio galaxiesAs their name implies, they are galaxies whose energy comes from radio waves Synchrotron radiation. But even if the source matches one or the other, ” Expect to see some Absorption Hi from; However, there is currently no Hi High data Resolution To NGC 2082 “, The researchers conclude. The mystery still lingers.

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