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Dot, eco and social scooters and electric bikes

Tod, a Franco-Dutch company co-founded by Maxim Romain, offers self-service scooters and electric bikes. It is already in 45 cities in Europe, soon in Grenoble! In fact, it was the brand that won the call for the Syndicate Mixte des Mobilites de l’Arn Grenoble (SMMAG) demonstrations in April. So dot scooters and electric bikes will go on sale from July 1 instead of tire scooters and pony bikes.

Similar function

As with older scooters, you need to download the app on your smartphone to use the service. “Thanks to the application, you scan the QR code, which will open the scooter or bike. This only takes a few seconds“, Friday, June 3, Maxim Romain explains during the presentation of the service: Sylvain Lovell, President of Metropol Christophe Ferrari, La Tonche Mayer, Bertrand Spindler, Reviewer of all application files and President of SMMAG.

Sylvain Lovell, President of SMMAG, and Christophe Ferrari, President of Metropolis, co-founded Todd Scooters with Maxim Romain. © Radio France
Agatha Legrand

We did different bids for scooters and e-bikes, but Todd won both. The company was able to convince us with the quality of service providedSylvain Laval explains, “So Todd will use 2,500 scooters and 2,500 bicycles, twice as many scooters and 10 times as many bicycles as before. Municipalities (Gorenk, Eccherols, Ibens, Fontaine, Gears, La Tronch, Le Font-de-Glix, Poissot, Saint-Acre, Saint-Martin-le-Vinuux, Sausage, Seyssinet-Pariset and Seyssins)

Parking and security

Scooters will be restricted to pedestrian areas, such as: ” We limit the speed of our scooters to 10 kilometers per hour“Maxim Romain confirms that the same goes for bicycles, which are only 25 kilometers per hour.

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With regard to parking, the policy is similar to the service previously provided. You should park your scooter in the areas reserved for this purpose. “Scooters and bicycles can be fined if they are not geotagged and returned to the parking lot.“Christophe Ferrari, the head of the metropolis, recalled that this rule had already been issued for the use of layered scooters, but was not always respected.”Unfortunately, despite doing everything possible to prevent risks and raise awareness, we cannot be held responsible for the behavior of users.“Maxim Romain agrees. Awareness campaigns and distribution of small guides are planned before the service is launched.

Suitable for everyone

Another key aspect of the dot business: “Our scooters are eco-friendly and community-oriented“Thus, Maxim Romain recalled that all the work created by the company in the region will be permanent contracts and the employees will be shareholders.It will be installed on the same scale as for public transport“Maxim Romain promises.”In addition, in order to benefit larger users, we offer minute charges for occasional trips, but also monthly and annual subscriptions.

Charlotte Alox, co-founder of Omni and a wheelchair user, provided adaptive scooters that allow people with limited mobility to get around.
Charlotte Alox, co-founder of Omni and a wheelchair user, provided adaptive scooters that allow people with limited mobility to get around. © Radio France
Agatha Legrand

Dot scooters and electric bikes are also accessible: Pictograms are installed for people with dyslexia, the application is available in about ten languages ​​… After all, scooters are ideal for people with low mobility. In fact, Todd has partnered with Omni to offer wheelchair-accessible scooters, all for 35 35 a month.

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