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A mod complicates the screens a lot, with more than 670 zombies on the screen -

A mod complicates the screens a lot, with more than 670 zombies on the screen –

A fun mod created by iGmir for the PC version of The days went by Made the meetings more complex and spectacular. To do this, it significantly increases the number of zombies that can be on the screen at the same time, up to the maximum 670 undead.

The basic version of the game, in fact, shows 50 to 500 zombies at once. During “Gangs”, the protagonist of Days Con confronts a large number of zombies at once, moving as if they were real Swarm Anger. This leads to spectacular and challenging fights, in which large escapes by mass slaughter. If you can kill an immortal, of course.

Here is an example for a group of Days Con Mode

Igmir Mode significantly raises this number so that meetings have a minimum of 280 zombies, up to a maximum of 670. This mode does not increase the number of zombies around Oregon, but it ai Layer Determined by Bend Studio so as not to affect the progress of the difficulty level determined by the studio.

There are 6 layers:

  • Layer 0 (Little Bear Lake) 200.

  • Layer 1. (Layer Zone) 280 (Arta Boss – 320) Group of Croto Caves

  • Tier 2 360. (Belkop Regional) (Arta Boss – 400) Badgens Lakes Group

  • Layer 3. (Lost Lake Zone) 440 (Arta Boss – 480) Metolius Lava Cave Group

  • Layer 4. (Highway 97 Region) 520 (Arta Boss – 580) Lobert Draw Ridgeheart

  • Layer 5. (Groove Lake Region) 600 (Arta Boss – 670) Mt. Bailey Hart

To download the mod, follow the instructions you see This address.

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