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Apple iPods 15 and iOS 15 should have innovations

Apple iPods 15 and iOS 15 should have innovations

As Bloomberg author Mark Kurman writes, Apple iPods 15 will offer advanced multitasking and iOS 15 will have a customized notification banner.

WWDC 2021, new software and hardware presentation is expected at the developer conference starting today.

IPod OS 15 with changes

After this Bloomberg Post Apple plans to fix start screen and place widgets for iPods Macromakers Announced.

Widgets can display dynamic information such as calendar, weather data and stock prices anywhere on display. Such functionality will be required for a long time and will be elevated to the same level of iPad Android tablets. Apple should also work on an optimal multi-tasking system, which makes it easy to use multiple applications at once.

Apple iOS 15

The new iOS 15 operating system should include changes to iMessage and give users an option to set their own status on the iPhone. The banner for incoming announcements is said to have been redesigned.

As part of the update, it will focus on auto-responding to messages and the new design for incoming notifications at the top of the screen. The lock screen on the iPhone and iPad should also experience an adjustment, but this change will only appear with iOS 16.

The Developer Conference WWDC 2021 kicks off live on Monday, where new software and new hardware can be delivered.

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