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Play Doctor for free at Two Point Hospital

Play Doctor for free at Two Point Hospital

The Nintendo Switch online subscription allows you to enjoy some topics from the distant past and give online, for the best reminder to everyone. But at other times, this service is an opportunity to enjoy one or the other for free for a limited time.

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As summer is the season for reconciliation, Nintendo advises us to play the doctor, because two-point hospital addicts are available for free to Nintendo Switch online subscribers.

Two stitches

From July 28 to August 3, Hospital Simulation will be part of the Test Game program, as its name implies, allowing you to cut your teeth on the topic presented by the manufacturer. Given the sharp scalpel singing fame of the authors, there is no reason to do without.

You have good reason to point out that Europe is once again considered the fifth wheel of the cart: after a certain imbalance in the selection of the Super NES games mentioned yesterday, American players find a freebie among us as they are done for a few days.

The case is still beautiful Those who have not yet subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online can easily accumulate the seven days they have offered to try out an additional subscription to Two Point Hospital.. With a little luck, collective intelligence will allow you to find a trick to save the hospital.

Don’t forget to post a note about your appointment: Two Point Hospital will be available for free from July 28 at 10am. Until 11 August at 11:59 p.m.

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