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A devastating exit in view of the end

A devastating exit in view of the end

The return of the heroes in One-Punch Man does not seem to have produced the desired effect. The cadres seem to be even stronger, and despite the conflicts between them, they still embarrass all the characters. And on the horizon, with the arrival of another enemy, the crisis did not seem to be over.

The One-Punch Chapter 149 The man begins with a cover with a boob in a bathing suit, while the title “Ambush” presents some of the next contents. Fர்hrer Ugly, wounded by the attacks of a nearby homeless emperor, is repeatedly attacked. Man is much stronger than Monstrosity, and the latter is forced to eventually escape. Not far away, Superloy Darkshine cries out from the damage done to his muscles that were acidified by Fuhrer Ugly’s attack. Golden Sperm teases him and sends him away with a stab.

Even if Fhrer decides to go to the bank to eat it ugly, The metal bat finds itself in front of some tiny black sperm. After a short exchange, the hero takes out enemies with a baseball bat. On the main battlefield, however, it is the turn of the homeless emperor, who launches a dangerous attack.

Genos ends up being active, accompanied by Datsumaki, both of whom are surrounded by an army of black sperm. But in One-Punch Man’s Final Vignette 149 King is coming. Can he change the situation?

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