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This is a complete novelty!

There isn’t even time to release the iPhone 13, which is already time to talk about the 14th. There will be a crazy novelty in the future series, never seen before

A super novelty is coming to the iPhone 14, never seen before (

The expectation for newcomers is rising IPhone 13. Apple is called to respond Samsung e Xiaomi With a great smartphone capable of surpassing the expectations of millions of fans around the world. The new generation iPhone wants to break every sales record again, To the sound of innovations and exclusive additions.

From parts of Cupertino, in fact, they are already thinking IPhone 14. Development work is to be stopped, which is already being talked about as the first additions to make the device More unique and exclusive. One in particular Display, And no more Pro models only.

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Improved new rate even on iPhone 14, basic models

iOS 15
Everything you need to know about this is here (Photo: Getty)

A novelty that can finally become a reality for everyone. With IPhone 13, There will be a new display update rate for Pro models. However, it seems, In 2022, 14 series will be released, The super novelty will be extended to both basic models of the iPhone. A democratic choice, for the benefit of the whole range, and to deliver to its loyal customers A product of the best.

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There was talk of possibilities Implications for autonomy, Which appears to be a thing of the past thanks to the latest balancing technologies. Thanks for using Samsung panels, Future iPhones will be able to accommodate more functional displays without too much load On the device battery.

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