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9 jeux de rugby à télécharger sur votre smartphone Android

9 rugby games to download on your Android smartphone

Get the best time in choosing the best rugby games to download for Android. They are luxurious!

The Rugby This is a contact game Very entertaining for different players, Follows such rules Famous American football. The only difference is that rugby players do not wear it Any kind of physical protectionTherefore, the parties are very aggressive.

Apparently, being the most popular game, it is its own Video game versionEspecially for the Android operating system. In other cases, if you know the best video games for Android and the best titles to play without WiFi, we will show you this time The best rugby games to download for your Android smartphone Completely free.

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The best rugby games for Android

  • Rugby League20
  • Rugby nations19
  • Rugby World Championship 2
  • Manager de Rugby Sevens
  • Rugby Rush
  • Preventive rugby
  • Rugby: Tough runner
  • Rugby League – Battle 34 – Zee completed
  • Rugby kick
  • Rugby: Tough runner

Since most of the topics on this list require some resources, it is a good idea to enjoy this type of video game with an intermediate mobile phone. If you have one Mobile or tablet In less than 3 years, you can Play these titles without any problems.

Rugby League20

Play in national leagues and build your own teams with Rugby League 20

Video game developer Electronic Arts To FIFA, Developer Unique games Holds Rugby League20, And is one of these particular games The best rugby emulators for Android True.

Gives a 3D theatrical style Very dynamic, there are buttons on the screen Simple and intuitive application. In addition, he has hundreds Leagues from different parts of the world You can play The best exhibitors of rugby From the moment.

As if that weren’t enough, you have a chance Build your own team, Allowing you to upgrade each player as you wish.

Rugby nations19

Rugby nations19

Rugby Countries 19: Fight the way to glory with one of the best rugby games

Another rugby role model to consider Rugby nations19, Gives a Style 3D Pretty decent graphics considering it is a mobile game. In addition, you can enjoy day and night matches in spectacular venues.

You get the chance Participate in the world Take yours The winning team Thus elevate this precious trophy.

Just as it is not enough, so can you Create your own rugby team You will earn money on every win, this way you can Sign new players.

Rugby World Championship 2

Rugby World Championship 2

Create your own story on stage with World Rugby Championship 2

If you are a lover Retro games, You can enjoy it perfectly Rugby World Championship 2, Its first Plastyle and dynamics It refers to Old school video games.

Count one Style 3D And you can see your team and others Very clear aerial view. It is clear that the movements of the players are high Robotic, But he has The main essence of rugby.

Manager de Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens Manager is one of the games available for download on Android

Prepare your best strategies with the Rugby Sevens manager

One if you want to enjoy Technical DirectorSo you have to play Manager de Rugby Sevens. This particular role model makes you live a life Manager and owner of a rugby team, Create your own game strategies Create training With the best players.

That’s not all, you can do it too Buy and sell players, Compete against teams from all over the world Train each player individually, Confirm this way Perfect balance Team. Unfortunately, you can not Watch the matches, Simply seen when reading the end of the conflict.

Rugby Rush

Download Rugby Rush on Android

Rugby Rush is one of the best games to download on Android

With Rugby Rush You get the chance to live an experience Professional rugby player Very close, especially if you like Free views. This video game is incredible Graphics quality, Characters, ball, players and field.

Rugby Rush There are staff The top 12 world rugby teams, You can choose the player you like and have fun Frenzied matches Full of adrenaline.

Preventive rugby

Preventive rugby

Playing rugby is one of the most fun games

This particular video game mixes smoothness Lego style modules Spectacular Rugby. You Display section that is enough Colorful and attractive, You already know how to manage in a few minutes Game Dynamics.

Includes popular 3D block styles – A pretty exotic mix -, you can Make a free throw, Apply Attack Strategies And safety, free throw training and Improve your personal brand.

As if that weren’t enough, it has some of the most important teams and related leagues in the world, so if you’re looking Rugby games to download on your Android smartphone, This is a good way.

Rugby: Tough runner

One The best and funniest rugby games For Android: Rugby: Tough runner. This is a video game where you will have a great time running with a ball, hitting it, overcoming obstacles and trying.

What does this title mean The difference will be your thoughts The faster you can be against your opponents, the more you will overcome the obstacles.

Rugby League – Battle 34 – Zee completed

Rugby League

Another plan to start playing rugby from your mobile

Sports Rugby League Created by a sports fan, so few Most relevant features In his view the game is lacking.

His Visual style Very special because you can Watch the full game and games from above, But you can not find the player details.

However, you will have the option to play Male or female league, And can choose from 39 teams to compete in the Rugby World Cup. Although it is very basic and relatively new in appearance, it is very entertaining and addictive if you like rugby.

Rugby Kick: Entrance Super Strike

Rugby kick

Rugby Kick is a free training game that will help you become more pro

One Top games to download On your smartphone Android It is missing from this list: Rugby Kick: Entrance Super Strike. This is a video game that only you can do Shoot towards the target, And its purpose is to try to pass the ball between two posters.

However, to make the game more enjoyable, Will There will be a marker, You can not hit the ball You will get many points.

In addition, there will be a player in front of the bow, who will somehow avoid hitting Like a fine, Further Rugby. Do you have the courage to train with this game?

As you can see, Rugby games for download on Android devices There are a lot of them, but here we have created a package with the best options. Try everything and choose the best!

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