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Tactical Game No Project B gets Steam and free preview of windows today

Tactical Game No Project B gets Steam and free preview of windows today

Solo indie developer GFX45 (Claudiaboats) announced today with a new trailer that the tactical game No Plan B will be released for initial access to Steam in the fourth quarter of 2021.

In addition, the free preface to the game was released on Steam today, which provides a forecast of the title. Enjoy three fight cards and three practically created challenge missions.

In No Plan B, each decision, no matter how small, can determine the fate of the entire team. Players must carefully assemble their team, use the timeline to create the right plan and execute it in real time.

No Plan B is an addictive tactical game with no room for error. It consists of rugged campaigns, complete challenge missions and community-generated fights on static maps with randomly generated enemies and obstacles.


  • Think about it, implement it, run it: master the innovative timeline system and 3D camera to design and execute a perfect project using the intuitive, straightforward user interface.

  • Boom, direct hit: Choose from a list of guns, shields and grenades – each with their advantages and disadvantages – so there are the right situations in your group.

  • Marathon or Faster Speed: Carry out campaigns like unitary and resource management or brutal FDL with short but intense personal trips.

  • Hero or Villain: Recovering different shares, hostages or preparing for a bank robbery (everything is allowed).

  • Infinite Replay: Players can create their own maps and missions with the built-in mission generator and play new challenges created by the community.

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