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Live Demo Available For Interesting Zelda-Style Action Adventure -

Live Demo Available For Interesting Zelda-Style Action Adventure –

துனிக் He finally comes back to show himself in public and does it to someone Demo Available on time Steam, Which allows a few days to try to be enjoyable Action adventure in Style Zelda And other classics of the genre.

Tonic talk, which caught the attention of many during this particular isometric adventure of an anthropological fox has been in practice since E3 2017 indie Ahead of time, but the wait will still be long. Dunik returned to show himself next year with the E3 2018 trailer and ten-minute game, then disappeared from the scene for a few years, except to appear occasionally in the abbreviated videos of upcoming games.

This is an action adventure for PC and Xbox Binji, Characterized by a colorful and very pleasant graphic style, as well as a mechanic who mixes environmental puzzles with action fights, in a mixture somewhat reminiscent of Zelda, due to the fairy tale and comic look.

Well, after a long time, the tunic is being tested for the general public at the Ludonaracon event, and only one demo can be downloaded and played. Until Monday, April 26th In the evening. You can download the Tunic demo This address, Of course for free.

For the rest, we are waiting for more information about the release, which will not be far off. Tunic is planned as part of the ID ட Xbox project PC, Xbox One E Xbox Series X | S., No other sites are currently planned.