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79.99 euros for dmat game on steam?  Fourpoken, from Square Enix, rolls the ball!

79.99 euros for dmat game on steam? Fourpoken, from Square Enix, rolls the ball!

Expected on May 24th Ignored Already the first Steam : 79.99 , This is the first game to score very simply 80 (We are doing the rounding up) on dmatrialis on the platform. But that’s not all! A version Deluxe Is also expected 104.99 With access to the preface Ignored: We believe in Danda Winter 2022 and … We’re not talking about an art book and a digital soundtrack, and the NFT that will be printed to display on its shelf.

But fortunately, pre-orders give you the right to receive some personal items. Thanks Square Enix !


Tear New York City Somehow, Frey Holland is trapped in the fascinating world of chapters. Frey discovered that a magical bangle with self-consciousness was inexplicably wrapped around her wrist, and could enchant powerful spells and enchantments to roam the vast expanses of Adiya. Frey nicknamed his new partner Crowe and is looking for a way home. Until the ruthless plague devastates everyone, she quickly discovers that this beautiful world once thrived under the rule of good mothers named Dantas. The fog turned animals into wild beasts, humans into monsters, and life-giving lands into four dangerous areas. The Dandas now rule their destroyed domains as fools and evil sorcerers. Frustrated by the fog and looking for answers in despair, Frey reluctantly agrees to help Atiyah’s last residents, who regard her as their last hope. Frey’s journey through these strange and treacherous lands will lead her to the heart of corruption, where she will have to confront the terrible creatures, defend herself against the mighty dandas, and reveal the secrets of watching something much deeper.

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