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52 hour train journey: Packing value of these essential items

I rode for 52 hours on the “California Sapphire” run by the American railroad company Amtrak.
Sogerner White

During my 52-hour train journey from Chicago to California, I brought some things I would have packed.

Ear plugs and sleeping masks would help me sleep better in my cabin.

To better pass the time, I should have downloaded movies and brought card games with me.

To dream that you have to wake up somewhere other than where you slept does not have to be a dream. You can actually travel like this: on the night train. While you are fast asleep, the train travels for miles. When I woke up the next morning I suddenly found myself somewhere else.

I recently had this experience for the first time. It was my first train journey. I moved from Chicago to California. Distance: over 3,000 km. The whole journey took 52 hours. So I did not spend one night on the train, I spent two nights.

Before that, I thought a lot about what to pack. Although this is my first train trip, I thought I would have made a pretty solid packing list. But as I drove, I realized there were some things I wanted to pack. Ten things to keep in mind on the next trip:

1. Ginger chewing gums to help with nausea

The idea of ​​having to take ginger chewing gum with me came too late. I often suffer from travel sickness. Usually I am ready and have the medicine with me. Nevertheless, I would like to take ginger chewing gum with me to see if natural aids can make a difference.

2. I should have brought my own pillow for extra comfort

Suksamran 1985 / Shuttershock

I usually do not travel with a pillow in my luggage. However, in this case, it would have been nice if I had an extra pillow. The neck pillow would also have been helpful for a little extra comfort.

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Most night time train operators like Amtrak, the American train company I traveled to, provide pillows and blankets for all passengers. Of course, everyone can bring their own bedding.

3. I will carry an extra blanket with me for fall and winter trips

I like to sleep with a big and thick duvet. The blanket that Amtrak offers to its passengers is not particularly thin. However, it is not as thick as a Down Comforter. So I recommend taking the extra blanket with you for future trips in the fall and winter. How and why it is especially convenient when traveling.

4. I must have downloaded some movies

Looking back, I wish I had pre-downloaded some images from providers like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Since there was no wifi on the train, I spent time reading and writing. It was fun, but for a change I wanted to see a movie or series.

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5. Card games would also have been a good way to pass the time

AwaylGl / Shuttershock

I really like playing card games. But I forgot to take some for the train ride. If I wanted to retire from my laptop or phone it might have been a non-digital business. I may have used the long train journey to get to know other passengers, chat with them, and play cards.

6. Next time I will pack my favorite wine bottle

I do not know if everyone can carry their own bottle of wine in their box. The wine served by Amtrak during the meal was delicious, but I like to bring my own bottle to enjoy in my cabin. On my next trip, I will definitely take my favorite red or white wine with me.

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7. I should have brought more snacks

Anna Jandstra / Shuttershock

I had snacks with me, but I wish I had packed more when I was driving. The train company food was better than I expected. Still, it would have been nice if we had more snacks for a change.

I saw someone with a small refrigerator on the train. This would have been a great way to carry fresh snacks with you, instead of carrying pre-packaged foods with you.

8. The air freshener cabin may have been slightly improved

Even if you think some passengers are allergic to certain perfumes, I would have packed an air freshener. The train did not stink, but after a few days I wanted a new scent. If I had packed the air freshener, the cabin might have been a little more excited.

9. Train trips are noisy – ear plugs help

modustollens / Shuttershock

I was not bothered by other passengers. At night everyone slept. However, the train may be a little bumpy and noisy. Ear plugs would have been helpful in suppressing the noise a bit.

10. In the future I will build a sleeping mask

I usually wake up late. I rarely have trouble falling asleep and I do not wake up quickly. Nevertheless, the light from the sidewalk of the train bothered me a little. I was able to cover it somewhat with my bag, but next time I would tie the sleeping mask as well.

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This article was translated from English and edited by Julia Knapp. You read the original Here.