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"The rise of epidemics is putting pressure on general practitioners. We are on the same side."

“The rise of epidemics is putting pressure on general practitioners. We are on the same side.”

Patients and physicians on the same page to improve performance. The news is that the general practitioners of the Santa Lucia team operating at the Gaza della Salute in Savignano sul Rubicone want to reach out to their patients and all citizens at this moment of particular need in the epidemic environment. There is a “mutual” need to get patients ‘responses so that doctors can trust their patients’ flexibility and understanding, guarantee their availability and professionalism.

“We are at the service of our patients – we are committed to working with the surgeons in Corzo Ferticari, Giovanni Bellocio, Claudia Casalponi, Massimo Farapegoli, Michael Ciro Feminella, Veronica Pacini, Fostina Santroni, Viola Valenti and Elena Sofoli. We are their partners in facing the challenging moment.We are confident that citizens will be able to better understand the exceptional workload we face due to emergencies and infections.We are trying to respond to the needs of a new situation that we have never experienced before, in which we have to make up for the shortfall in many health services caused by the absence of affected staff.

The message of the general practitioners is the request to share important issues, in the awareness of the difficulties to be faced in communicating patient clinics.

“Our answer is – they conclude – despite all the difficulties of the historic moment. We are facing a global epidemic and providing health services is a challenge. But to succeed, we need the effort of everyone, including patients. We guarantee.

Doctors continue to meet with the direction of the Rubicon district of Asl Romagna, the “Natal Bolognese” center for the rights of the sick, and the municipal administration of Savignano sul Rubicon. With regard to these meetings, a series of solutions to be implemented in the short and medium term are emerging. To this end, a dedicated communication channel will be implemented for computerized secretarial operations to ensure that all patient requests are processed. Also, during this time of emergency, physicians will prepare themselves with additional human resources (technology) in nursing to strengthen telephone response services and, if the emergency is over, complete the effectiveness of the fetus through dedicated nursing. Services. Second, ASL and the municipal administration have made a specific commitment to renovate the locations of general practitioners and to create a large waiting room in Santa Colomba, which will be the first need location once the epidemiology and telemedicine activity is over. Users welcome.

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“When faced with a complex and complex situation, which has already been monitored and reported for several days by our volunteers – Luca Menegatti, head of the Center for the Rights of the Sick” Nadal Bolognese “- we express a positive opinion on the choice of subjects. We are committed to finding solutions, and at the same time confirming our desire to support citizens, general practitioners and organizations in managing and coping with this emergency, either by writing to the Association’s email address ([email protected]) or by calling our Vice President Gigi Contardi ‘595553 ) Can count on our support. “

“At this point, the epidemic is being supported by the highly contagious virus form that currently exists – Francesco Cintoni, director of the Rubicon district in Ausl Romagna – thanks to the protection provided by the vaccines in recent months, the pressure is mainly on local services and especially general practitioners representing an unavoidable point for their clients to reach hundreds and hundreds of customers. Or in isolation, will have to face unprecedented amounts of overtime work.In this complex situation situations of service loads have occurred, but the GP team is working with the company and the municipal administration to implement solutions that we believe can provide immediate benefits to the people by ensuring that they receive the care they need. Their customers “.

“We call on all of our fellow citizens to build unity in the community and purpose, and we are pleased with the collaboration between the municipal administration and ASL, which has already been a strong point, leading to doubling-related renovation work. Expands with the demand for – Mayor Filippo Giovanni and Deputy Mayor Nicola Tellabascuva – We thank Asl Romagna for the new investments made to our Health House.

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