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343 Industries Jez Corden |  Creates another hollow game according to Xbox One

343 Industries Jez Corden | Creates another hollow game according to Xbox One

Campaign of The halo is infinite Available on December 8th. Only on this date can we discover the new adventures of MasterCheft and the new formula of the license. If the title catches all attention at the end of the year, 343 Industries has other plans for the future.

A new Hollow game is in development at 343

It is through Jez Corden that these new rumors reach us. During the new episode of “Xbox to Podcast”, Windows Central journalist mentioned several projects. This is the spin-off of the first mentioned license. Little information is given about him, but he mentions:

I do not think this is the right thing to expect


If you’ve been waiting for the Hollow spin-off, you may want to lower your expectations a bit, but fans of this franchise will be very excited.

This is about another project, this time at 343 Industries, the two friends are discussing. Jez Corden confirms that the studio is currently working on another project called “Hollow Not Infinite”.

The nature of this project is hard to guess, but if he had first mentioned that we should not expect a spin-off around the Hollow rights, we could already dismiss the idea of ​​a title in the title of Hollow 3. : ODST. We should not expect Hollow Wars 3 either, as we mentioned earlier in the year, Hollow Wars 3 is not planned and 343 businesses are done with Hollow Wars 2.

For now, it should come as no surprise in the end that the team is working on a new Hollow game. On the other hand, it is necessary to be patient before learning more about the plans of 343 Businesses and looking in the direction that another game could take in the Hollow universe.

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