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xbox game pass meilleurs jeux de plateformes

5 Best Platform Games To Totally Test

You have registered for the Xbox Game Pass but do not know what to install first? Here are 5 essential operating system games to download.

For a while now, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has been one of the best value gaming deals out there. With a list of over 450 games, it’s easy to find what we want but get lost.

With so much to choose from, many casual gamers do not know what to download first, given the quality of the games available. So we propose to help you a little in this file Top 5 Platform Games Find the Xbox Game Pass list.

Hollow Night

Released on PC in 2017, Hollow Night Also provided the console port. Thanks to its incredible visual universe and its gamble in the demanding range, it quickly became a reference in terms of platform games. It invites you to discover the sad world that must be saved by all means.

To do this, you need to explore, acquire new skills and use certain assets to enhance the style of your game. Take our word for it, if you have not tried to participate in the experience, it is worth the detour.

Ori and the Will of the Whispers

Typing Demand Games, Saga Ori Plays an important role. Ori and the Will of the Whispers The second task of the license is to take you into a more colorful world, visually successful and you need to be quick in any situation. We love it for its enchanting magic, and you should love it too.

The Artful Escape

We go in a completely different style in the chosen path of music. The Artful Escape Tells the story of a teenage musician who tries to create his own artistic personality. Your electric guitar is your best companion in this adventure.

Skull: The Hero Slayer

If you like pixel art, you will be provided. Skull Its purpose is to save his king who was captured by the imperial army is a game you play as a skeleton. To do this, he must use the power of the skull, which will give him special abilities. Be careful though, fights can be tough.

Lost words: Beyond the page

We end up with a quiet adventure, and it adds more emphasis to the story. If you are not a fan of the games you are looking for, Lost Word: Beyond the page Created for you. You play as a young woman who uses her diary to interact with the wonderful world of Estoria and begins to explore this mysterious land. To do this, you need to solve some puzzles and do a little exercise for your brain.

Many more

In addition to these 5 titles you will find many more platform games as mentioned above. Once you’ve found our top 5, here are some other suggestions to put on your list of games. Also note that this list is not exhaustive and the schedule will be updated twice a month.

  • Umno
  • Dead cells
  • Neon abyss
  • Unravel / Unravel two

As a reminder, Xbox GamePass is a subscription service provided by Microsoft on Xbox and PC. For fixed access it is available for € 9.99 per month, which provides access to a large library of constantly updated games. For 12.99, the Xbox Game Pass also offers access to the Ultimate Cloud, Xbox Live Gold and EA Play Game Library.

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