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apple confidentialité

Tim Cook reiterated this during his last speech

In the case ofIAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022, Tim Cook talked about privacy issues on our mobile devices. For more than ten years Apple’s CEO has consistently hammered home protection as a fundamental right: so it seemed the right choice to intervene in this matter.

During the conference, the President especially “Regulations”This ultimately compromises the security of iPhone users by allowing them to install applications from unknown sources. Understand: No viruses are scanned by Apple teams to verify that they are not hosted there.

Decentralization to better govern

Tim Cook used the opportunity to remind Apple that it collects minimal personal information about its customers, even though the company has already been convicted by the courts for following this practice.

For the CEO, however, one of the keys to safely analyzing such statistics is to store them as much as possible on target mobiles. What IPhone According to him, it avoids bringing together all the profiles in a single data center. With such a strategy, it is very difficult for potential hackers to access these files illegally.

To further reassure consumers, Cook does not hesitate to mention his mobiles. “Encrypted by default“However, flaws in the source code of their operating system continue to be exposed to the public.

Officers are involved

Brad Smith at the Global Privacy Summit (Microsoft), Malcolm Cladwell (Journalist New Yorker), David Olusoka (filmmaker) or Amy Kajta (author) Search and hide)

Lena M., including the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or Didier Reinders. The heavyweights of the legislature confronted them, including Khan, to balance the argument. The European Commissioner for Justice, who is embroiled in corruption cases, is also responsible for using GDPR.