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Immunity is becoming a long-awaited feature

Immunity is becoming a long-awaited feature

This may seem strange, but in a rich period International spread As of now Lost sight It appeared to be one of the pillars of the struggle against an element that existed a few months ago Virus. Application immunity In fact, born under a light of many promises, but the protagonist of a development and application is nothing short of stupid, it seems to be over Oblivion In almost all Italians.

Things seem to be working out though To change, With a great twist on seeing its protagonist immunity Thanks for the future Update. Let’s find out what it is!

Immunity, everything changes

In fact, it’s the biggest of these hours Announcements It seems that it can finally renew the fortunes and is a strong help in fighting and fighting Govt 19. Until now, in fact, in fact, the management of the positive reports of the people has been provided for the central and fundamental role of the National Health Service with a series of delays and inefficiencies that are widely predictable, given the magnitude of the work that this monitoring operation has unfortunately brought to the dowry.

However, in the last few hours, the privacy guarantor has given a positive feedback to resolve this issue so that users are actively involved in positive communication (as happens in other European countries on the other hand).

Positive Testers By logging in directly with the Covit-19 Alert System, the CUN code (the unique national code prescribed by the TS system for diagnostic test reports for SARS-CoV-2) is associated with your own report with the last 8 digits of your health card.”.

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This is the central theme that brought back the interest and confidence in immunity.

A basic update coming soon

In Training test However, how will all these words be translated in the future context of immunity use? By a Update The user of the site will finally get a chance to insert Your report code Related to your own Positive (Verifies everything including their ID data via health card or electronic ID card) will eventually become an active part of the process, excluding various local ASLs.

This change, which has been the focus of criticism over the management of personal data in the past, is friendly to Covit, who is ending a compelling passage in the slow Italian bureaucracy and returning Imuni to its original role.

We look forward to seeing the epidemic at levels that can be controlled and managed through services such as Immune and its counterparts in various European countries, and if you have not yet done so we invite you to download the app. Important update.

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