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2021 Best Applications for Plant and Garden Care

2021 Best Applications for Plant and Garden Care

There are those who argue that a green thumb is born, while others believe that with dedication and dedication one can somehow get “trained”. What is for sure Green corners in the house or on the balcony, Millennials love it so much, it requires care and attention.

In fact, their homes sometimes look like real homes Small forests in the city. Plants in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living area, and plants at the entrance – why not welcome guests with a touch of green? -; Then exotic or broad-leaved species, succulent, climbing or large plants.

Has all kinds and for all tastes. Someone enjoys it as a real cross, while others love it for their high impact decorative effect above all else and for those who admire them “Therapeutic” properties – Improving indoor air quality, increasing productivity and immunity and reducing stress.

But we must not forget that each plant has different requirements for light, water and temperature. The good news is, as far as strong growth is concerned, it really is Boom in plant care applications It helps enthusiasts take care of their green corners, providing tips and directions accordingly Avoid mistakes. So, if you are one of those people who thinks that the house grass next door is always green, here it is 7 Best Horticultural Apps, Suitable for both experts and beginners.

Gardening Tags

Intuitive, free, available for Android and iOS, this app is perfect for anyone who wants to Identify a plant Or a flower e List all the plants Creating customized labels for the garden and accessing all the information associated with each model, with indications of the stages of the growing season based on the season.

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The feature that allows you to interact with other great horticultural enthusiasts and experienced growers is a very useful feature: you may also like Share experiences, Difficulties and ask for specific advice Solve problems Related to diseases and parasites. By purchasing some additional functionality, you can keep Eggplant Calendar And other initiatives aimed at protecting plant health. Scarica Garden Tags

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For those who forget the dates and times to prune plants, water and fertilize Gardenia, Free and available for both Android and iOS. One can actually create Custom plant list Based on their own garden, forms a series Reminder It will be useful for you to be aware of both types of two word expressions.

You can also find related information and horticultural tips beyond 90 thousand botanical species And separate relevant information through a database of more than two thousand organismsExposure to light, watering and fertilization. There is also a “weather monitoring” function so that nothing is lost, it gives Weather information Gardening based on your location. Download Guardiana

Plantation Manager

Another great “green assistant” Plantation Manager, For Android devices only. Again, the app lets you set it up Customized alerts Related to the maintenance of your garden, fertilization, watering and other measures necessary to maintain the health of the plants.

You can create a real one to keep track of all the interventions you make Daily, Complete with photos and notes, needs to be updated in line with development. So, those who want to brag about their achievements can share photos and updates with friends Social networking; Or if the plants lose vitality, he can seek advice from community members. Last but not least: they can Find and find florists In your area. Be sure to add another plant to the collection. Download Garden Manager

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Moon & Garden

Those interested in or simply interested in biodynamic cultivation methods cannot fail to download Moon & Garden which is available for both Android and Apple. This application suggests when planting, watering and eggplant should be done according to I Rhythms of the lunar calendar.

The phases of the moon, in fact, affect the growth of seeds, and they have been used in agriculture since ancient times: for every horticultural activity, from sowing to replanting, from planting to harvesting, and for plants (roots, fruits and seeds, flowers or leaves) according to different types or different regions. There is a favorable lunar phase for the growth of plants. This type of solution can be useful for inspiring a flower garden or terrace and bringing our rhythms closer to nature. Scarica Moon & Garden

Waterboat – Watermee

There is even for those who forget Water Boat, Free, and Android compatible, like Watermee, compatible with Apple, the perfect aid for irrigation The right time. In this case, you can photograph your plants, set the times and ways they should be moist, and create their own “incarnation” Reminder To remind us that time is right. In this way we can monitor the growth progress of all the domestic plants we have decided to take care of. Download Waterboat – Watermee


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Home Design 3D Outdoor Garden

Do you remember the video game? Sims? Here, we can say that this is its version Garden lover. Available for free on both iOS and Android, Home Design 3D Outdoor Garden Perfect application for anyone who wants to become Garden Designer 2.0: You can design your future garden on the screen of smartphones and tablets, enter the exact dimensions directly and define the locations of the land, and then see the result in 3D. Make it realistic. Scarica Home Design 3D Outdoor Garden


All we need is the utility to provide for us Practical advice We can choose how to reuse plants, how to manage fertilization, and how to get the best water. Flower, An excellent iOS device that helps us in the maintenance of flowering gardens and balconies.

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This application is then capable Identification Instantly configured plant by searching database with thousands of different types. Unnecessary is an activity that reminds us of the gods Reminder Water in the right amount and at the right time. Download Flower

Opening the photo Janake Lucerma Download Garden Manager

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