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Check out the new fraudulent SMS indicating the arrival of a parcel

Check out the new fraudulent SMS indicating the arrival of a parcel

More and more frequent reports regarding new fraudulent SMS indicating the arrival of a parcel. The message contains your words: “Your package is on its way, follow it here.” Many shippers use text messages to notify customers of shipping. Their messages, unlike fraudulent SMS, are marked with the initials of the transport company in question (PRD Spa, GLS). The latter comes from unknown and ever-changing phone numbers. As online exports become more popular, efforts are flooded Fishing In the case of a similar function.

As soon as you click the link, you will be taken to a page where you can read the notification informing you of the need to pay to open the package provided, which is currently paused. This method of advice is not only not to share sensitive data, but if you have an Android device do not open the address in the message. The reason must be explained CERT-AgID, The Computer Emergency Response Team Agency for Digital Italy.

Check out the new fraudulent SMS indicating the arrival of a parcel

In collaboration with a security researcher linuxct, CERT-AgID has detected a campaign aimed at informing Russian malware Flu Pot 3.9 via SMS. Android devices targeting one of the languages, including Polish, Italian, Hungarian, Galician, Basque, Spanish, German and Catalan. By clicking on the link, the user accesses a fake DHL courier page and invites you to install the DHL.apk application.

How the Fever Bot Works 3.9

Malware is capable of displaying a fake Google Verification page Enable protection You will be asked to enter your credit card details and pages Fishing When opening applications Home Bank. Once you enter your credentials or credit card details, they will be sent to the Flu Pot 3.9 server. But its capabilities don’t stop there.

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Once installed, the application prompts the user to execute an access service as components Software Used by users with disabilities. An example of an accessible service is voice screen reading for the visually impaired. To do this, they must have the greatest potential for action and act on behalf of the user. So it will do the same once the malware gets the required permission. The goal is the same: to steal sensitive data from unsuspecting users. As explained precisely now, even a two-factor authentication system will not allow you to protect yourself from data theft. The malware can actually intercept phone calls or SMS with verification codes and paste them into the application automatically Home Bank Or where necessary. So, beware of new SMS scams that may indicate the arrival of a parcel.

What happens if I open the link in the message from the iOS device?

In this case, you will be redirected to the webpage that invites you to fill out a survey. An attempt Fishing This is subject to the terms of those mentioned in the introduction to the article and those already treated In the past In the pages of ProiezionidiBorsa.